MXNet CBOX Firmware

AC-MXNET-CBOX ~ V1.75 ~ 11/3/2021

Release Notes:
Note:  If your CBOX is running firmware V1.68 or lower, you MUST first install V1.70 as an intermediate step prior to installing V1.75.  If your CBOX is running firmware V1.69 or higher, you may skip installing V1.70 and directly install V1.75

Version: V1.75


CBOX will automatically reboot in five seconds after the firmware update.

Added Mosaic Video Wall Web Interface

Add force image API commands to support multiple RXs or all RXs.

config set device displaypicture 0 RX1:RX2

config set device displaypicture 1 RX1:RX2

config set device displaypicture 2 RX1:RX2

config set device displaypicture 0 ALL

config set device displaypicture 2 ALL

Added Mosaic Video Wall UI

Add Mosaic Video Wall API command to support OSD and copy layout.

vw mosaic layout osd {videowall_name} {layout_name} {on/off}

vw mosaic layout copy {videowall_name} {layout_name} {new_layout_name}

Added Independent Audio and Video Routing API commands

config set device videopath {TxID or TxMAC} {RxID or RxMAC}

config set device videopathdisable {RxID or RxMAC}

config set device audiopath {TxID or TxMAC} {RxID or RxMAC}

config set device audiopathdisable {RxID or RxMAC} 

Modified the button/language of "PRESETS" to "LAYOUT" on the Video Wall page.

      Added the Coordinate origin on the "LAYOUT DESIGN" page.

      Added using the keyboard arrow keys to move the displays on the "LAYOUT DESIGN" page.

Modified the coordinate system calculation method.

Modified SDDP configuration file.

Modified the fonts on the USB and KVM WEB page that support the lowercase letter.

Modified the font on the Home page and added the "QUICK START GUIDE" button.

Corrected a typo on the "FORCE IMAGE" page.

Fixed Issues:

Resolved issues where in some cases, RX appeared in the TX attributes when polled using the API command of "config get devicelist"

Resolved issues with preview picture being displayed on the AUTO-MATRIX page.

Resolved the population of DNS title on the HOME page.

Resolved Issue of being unable to save the GATEWAY value of the control port on the HOME page.


Added API command for setting AC-MXNET-1G-AVDM-E downmixing preset (Balanced Stereo Output Only).

Added the ability to send virtualized external device commands using RS232 over IP, IR over IP or CEC over IP/HDMI.
These commands can now be sent to a single Encoder or Decoder, a specified group of Encoders or Decoders, or ALL Encoders or Decoders.  

Resolved Duplicate Multicast Channel Issue during Factory Restore

Resolved Issue when sending CEC commands to multiple end points (using API).
Resolved Issue when sending OSD configuration command to multiple Decoders (using API).
Resolved OSD Overlay Position Bug.
Resolved MXNet Mentor UI Button Position when Windows is Scaling.
Added automatic refresh to A/V NETWORK POE Port after changing IP Mode for System Addressing.
Added the ability to replace the default BOOT and “No Signal” images with custom images. Limited Image Size.
Added the ability to "Force Image". Forced Image will overlay existing signal. Limited Image Size. 

Added KVM Mouse Roaming to Mentor UI; Allowing for an HID Device to be shared on up to 17 Host Devices
Improved MXNet A/V NETWORK POE PORT System Addressing for MXNet Encoders and Decoders
      - Link Local (IP Assigned by AC-MXNET-CBOX)
      - DHCP (IP Assigned by LAN DHCP Server)
      - Static (IP Assigned by User)
Updated API document to v1.08.

Added support for 4K 50Hz ( U.K. Specific ) signals

Resolved TCP Login Issue for Control Drivers
Fixed blank thumbnail preview issue when CBOX LAN port is set to DHCP
Added kvm roaming command
Added kvm roaming page in MENTOR
Added reset Decoder hotplug detect / reset function in MENTOR
Added API command to set hotplug detect / reset for Decoders
Added API command for:  config set device hpdrst {device_id or device_mac}
Fixed various small bugs
Updated API document to v1.06.

Add vwid command to API
Add copy command in vwid. support to set bezel gap in vwid
Added new VideoWall setup page in MENTOR
Add  API command for KVM Roaming:  ‘config set device kvmroaming RX1ID,X1,Y1:RX2ID,X2,Y2[:RX3ID,X3,Y3...] RX7ID’
Fixed CONFIGURE page OSD button bug.
Fixed DHCP bug on HOME page.
Fixed Resetting TX and RX custom name bug
Updated API document to v1.05.

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