MXNet CBOX Firmware

AC-MXNET-CBOX ~ V2.28 ~ 1/27/2023

Note: Using firmware v2.28 for the AC-MXNET-CBOX requires the following:
      AC-MXNET-1G-D Decoders must be updated to V4.18.
      AC-MXNET-1G-E Encoders must be updated to V3.33.
      All AC-MXNET-1G-EWP Wall Plate Encoders must be updated to V1.04.

Caution: If your AC-MXNET-CBOX is on a firmware version below V1.70, you must update to version V1.70 first, before proceeding with the most recent firmware version. 

• Fixed an issue with RS232 strings in HEX formats sending additional characters downstream on V1 units, as well as additional characters in the RS232 feedback response. 
• Fixed an issue on Evolution Two units where EDID copy from output wasn't functioning correctly at times.
• Fixed an issue where USB Routing on Evolution Two units wouldn't successfully link properly at times.
• Fixed an issue where preview image on Evolution Two units occasionally wouldn't refresh on MENTOR.
• Adjusted the RS232 sent/response buffer, to improve overall RS232 command execution/feedback time.
• Fixed an issue with AC-MXNET-CBOX handling TCP socket terminations where TCP sessions wouldn't terminate properly, resulting in too many sessions being open, and crashing the API server.
• Fixed an issue where Encoder/Decoder factory reset wasn't executing properly.
• Fixed an issue where RS232 strings in HEX formats above the ASCII table would cause the CBOX to reboot its API server.
• Added improved version control for the firmware update process, fixing an issue where Evolution Two units could be updated using V1 firmware. 
• Fixed an issue where Factory Resetting encoders and decoders wasn't executing properly.
• Adjusted the layout of the KVM configuration page. Added a "DISCONNECT" button. 
• Fixed an issue where AC-MXNET-1G-DANTE-E devices' Dante modules weren't showing up in the "Modules" page. 
• Added transitional affects when navigating through MENTOR's pages.
• Fixed an issue where AC-MXNET-1G-D units on V3.XX MCU firmware could be updated with MCU V4.XX firmware and vice versa.
• Fixed an issue where the "SYSTEM UTILITES" page sometimes wouldn't load properly upon first navigation. 

Added API Commands:
• Added videowall layout TX switching API commands, so you no longer have to rebuild the entire videowall just to switch a source on a videowall layout.
      Example Command: vwid layout tx {videowall name} {layout name} {row}:{column} {NEWTXID/MAC]

• Added HDCP "follow source" mode to MXNet Decoders. Can be configured via the web GUI, or using the following API command: 
      config set device hdcp 1 [DecoderID/MAC]

• Added the option to enable or disable HDCP request on Encoders. NOTE: Only Evolution One (standalone, not wallplate) Encoders for right now, and Evolution One Encoders must be on MCU V3.39. 
      Available on the WEB GUI, or using the following API commands:
            Auto (HDCP 2.2):
                  config set device hdcprequest 0 [EncoderID/MAC]

            Do Not Request HDCP:
                  config set device hdcprequest 1 [EncoderID/MAC]

• Added support for an upcoming iOS application for MXNet control. (Note: app is currently in development)
• Changed the "speed" value in the API from "0, 1, 2, 3" to "0, 10M, 100M, 1G" for better legibility.
• Minor improvements for video timing feedback. "AV INF" responses should now report information correctly (proper HDCP and HDR content values).
• Added the ability to import a custom EDID from Mentor to an MXNet encoder. This can be done by selecting USER EDID on the EDID selection dropdown menu in Mentor. Paste the raw HEX value of the EDID and click "Send".
• Modified how Mentor saves custom names, now no longer requires hitting the ENTER key to save changes when entering in custom names.
• Optimized loading times when accessing the CONFIGURE and AUTO-MATRIX pages within Mentor. Accessing these pages should now be much faster on larger systems.
• Fixed an issue where switching the audio source on a decoder would be delayed on larger systems.
• Adjusted the layout of the MENTOR/LAN and AV NETWORK port information on the SYSTEM UTILITIES page within Mentor.
• Fixed a bug related to pulling the time from an NTP server that would occasionally cause the CBOX to lose connection to the encoders/decoders.

Added API Commands:
• config set system sshservice [on,off]
      Enables or disables SSH port 22 on the CBOX.
            config set system sshservice on
            config set system sshservice off
• config get system sshervice
      Shows the current status of SSH service.
      Example when SSH is disabled:
            config get system sshservice
            {"cmd":"config get system sshservice","info":"off","code":0}
• config set telnet alias [on,off]
      Enables or disables Telnet port 23 on the CBOX.
            config set telnet alias on
            config set telnet alias off
• config get telnet alias
      Shows the current status of Telnet service port 23.
      Example with Telnet service active:
            config get telnet alias
            {"cmd":"config get telnet alias","info":"on","code":0}
Fixed Issues:
• Fixed an issue where RS-232 identifier tag would mistakenly tag an RS-232 feedback transmission as "mxnet" instead of "rs232" as expected.
• Fixed an issue where HDCP would always be reporting as "OFF" in the AF INF feedback message.

• Added new test pattern API command:
      config set device pattern [0,1,2] [RxID/RxMAC/RxID1:RxID2:RxID3:.../RxMAC1:RxMAC2:RxMAC3:.../ALLRX]
      Options are: 0 = OFF, 1 = 1080p60 pattern, 2 = 4k30 pattern.
      Note: requires Decoder firmware V4.18 / V3.32 in order to function.
• Added new OSD API command:
      config set device osdmode 1/2/3 [RxID/RxMAC/RxID1:RxID2:RxID3:.../RxMAC1:RxMAC2:RxMAC3:.../ALLRX]
      The OSD mode will adjust what the OSD outputs on the display a decoder is connected to. Current modes are:
      osdmode 1 (default):
            Display: [Decoder Custom Name]
            MAC: [Decoder's MAC address]
            IP: [Decoder's IP address]
            Source [Encoder Custom Name]
      osdmode 2:
            Display: [Decoder Custom Name]
            Source: [Encoder Custom Name]
      osdmode 3: 
            Source: [Encoder Custom Name]
            Is shown at the top center of the display.
• Added new OSD API command:
      config set device osdfontsize [font size] {RxID/RxMAC/RxID1:RxID2:RxID3:.../RxMAC1:RxMAC2:RxMAC3:.../ALLRX/ALLRX}
      This command allows the OSD font size outputted by a Decoder to be adjusted. Default is 30.
      Note: may need to disable and re-enabled OSD to take effect.
      Note: adjusting the font size too large may cause the OSD to remove visible text.
      example: config set device osdfontsizze 30 ALLRX
• Added new OSD API command:
      config set device osdcolor [Color Hex Code] [RxID/RxMAC/RxID1:RxID2:RxID3:.../RxMAC1:RxMAC2:RxMAC3:.../ALLRX]
      This command allows the OSD text color outputted by a Decoder to be adjusted, color is inputted as a 6 character hex value (can be found online)
      Default is FF0000 (red)
      example: config set device osdcolor 8DC63F ALLRX
      Note: may need to disable and re-enabled OSD to take effect.
• When changing the admin/user password using the web UI, password is now encrypted.
Fixed Issues
• Resolved an issue where invalid IP schemes could be entered in the STATIC IP, SUBNET, and GATEWAY fields in Mentor.
• Resolved an issue where detailed descriptions from RS232 responses would be missing after rebooting the AC-MXNET-CBOX.
• Resolved the issue where command config set device audio input type [hdmi,analog,auto,auto_1,auto_2] [EncoderID/MAC] did not function.
      hdmi: prioritize HDMI audio only, no analog audio input will be sent over MXNet from Encoder
      analog: prioritizes ANALOG AUDIO INPUT only, no HDMI audio will be sent over MXNet from the Encoder
      auto: automatically switches between HDMI and analog audio in, with ANALOG IN being priority (default)
      auto_1: see auto
      auto_2: automatically switches between HDMI and analog audio in with HDMI IN audio being priority
• Improved overall system log performance. Fixed an issue where a sudden large amount of RS232 feedback would flood TCP port 24, resulting in lockups/crashes.
• Added the method to enable/disable a test pattern in the web UI (CONFIGURE>DIAGNOSTICS>OUTPUTS/DECODERS/DISPLAYS)
• Added Encoder extracted audio volume output adjustment in Mentor (CONFIGURE>DIAGNOSTICS>INPUTS/ENCODERS/SOURCES)

• Added RS232 bi-directional communications to the Encoders and Decoders. Responses include Base64 or ASCII formatted.
example command:
      "config set device rs232 1 ka 01 01\r LG-NANO00\r\n"
example responses:
      "{"info":"a 01 OK00x", "id":"LG-NANO99","cmd":"","code":0,"mac":"188A6A007173"}"
• RS232 information sent from either the Encoder or Decoder to the Control Box is now differentiated. RS232 information is either the status information of the Encoder and Decoder, or information received from the RS232 port of the Encoder and Decoder.
• Fixed all known issues associated with the SWITCH MANAGEMENT feature.
• Added password encryption to the Control Box login.
• Added video quality command into API:
      "config set device quality -1/0/1/2/3/4/5 {TxID/TxMAC}"
• Added extracted audio volume control command into API:
      "config set device exaudio volume VALUE {TxID/TxMAC} VALUE = [1~100]"
• Added incoming HDP (hot plug detect) and AV information into the Control Box on Telnet Port 24.
• Optimized Control Box processing of commands and responses.
• Updated the API PDF document to v1.14.
• When using the FACTORY RESET E/D feature, both the FPGA and MCU factory settings will now be restored. Previously, this feature was restricted only to the FPGA.
• Fixed the "Reboot fails, retry 1" error messages when using Mentor to upgrade the firmware of the Encoders and Decoders.
• Added a new LIMITED USER login to Mentor which restricts access to only the AUTO-MATRIX and VIDEO WALL pages.
• Changed the default CUSTOM NAME sorting for Encoders and Decoders to ascending alphanumerical order.
• Added the video BLACK OUT option to the OUTPUT RESOLUTIONS settings on the OUTPUTS/DECODERS/DISPLAYS page.
• Added the ability to power-cycle the Encoders and Decoders from the DIAGNOSTICS page by enabling or disabling PoE power to specific switch ports.
• Fixed the bandwidth limitation display issues.
• Decoders will now be set to PASS-THROUGH mode by default.

• Added comprehensive switch management features exclusively for MXNET branded switches including:
• Switch Summary page which details software, firmware, BootRom and hardware info.
• Also includes switch CPU and Memory utilizations, plus operating temperature and fan status.
• Detailed PORT DATA RATES listings - port-by-port.
• Detailed POE POWER usage listings - port-by-port.
• Full featured and flexible VLAN management, eliminating the need to use the Command Line Interface for most VLAN configurations.
• Fixed a problem where only a 9600 baud rate was valid, and all other baud rates were invalid.
• Fixed a problem where a previously configured encoder or decoder would drop offline and become automatically deleted.
• Fixed a typographical display issue if the Custom Name of an encoder or decoder was longer while viewing encoder or decoder performance info.
• Added switch port connection info and real time bandwidth utilization in the DIAGNOSTICS pages.
4. RS232 Bi-directional communication
• Added Base64 RS232 feedback responses from targeted encoders or decoders.

New Features:
•Added SystemLog and NTP sever
•Added MXNET Network Switch Configuration page
•Added independent signal switching into AUTO-Matrix page
•Added Module Card page in the Configuration pages.
•Added bidirectional RS232 information, including receiving the RS232 response information from TV or any other RS232 devices.
Fixed Issues:
•Fixed an upgrade TX / RX bug
•Fixed CBOX WEB lockup issue that caused by IP scanner software.
•Fixed a garbled bug on the diagnosis page Combined the RS232 response information when receiving response information from decoders
•Fixed a garbled bug on the video wall page
•Fixed Sony IR code issue Fixed issue with "config set device ir" API command where there was no IR output from the Encoder/Decoder when ProntoHex Sequence 1 (On Press) data was not present in the IR code Fixed IR code issues that are likely to occur with codes for the following brands using drivers in some control systems: Panasonic, Samsung, Seura, Sharp, Sony, TCL

Note: If yourCBOX is running firmware V1.68 or lower, you MUST first install V1.70 as an intermediate step prior to installing V1.75 or later. If your CBOX is running firmware V1.69 or higher, you may skip installing V1.70, and directly install the currently posted firmware.

New Features:
•CBOX will automatically reboot in five seconds after the firmware update.
•Added Mosaic Video Wall Web Interface Add force image API commands to support multiple RXs or all RXs.
•config set device displaypicture 0 RX1:RX2
•config set device displaypicture 1 RX1:RX2
•config set device displaypicture 2 RX1:RX2
•config set device displaypicture 0 ALL
•config set device displaypicture 2 ALL
•Added Mosaic Video Wall UI Add Mosaic Video Wall API command to support OSD and copy layout.
•vw mosaic layout osd {videowall_name} {layout_name} {on/off}
•vw mosaic layout copy {videowall_name} {layout_name} {new_layout_name}
•Added Independent Audio and Video Routing API commands
•config set device videopath {TxID or TxMAC} {RxID or RxMAC}
•config set device videopathdisable {RxID or RxMAC}
•config set device audiopath {TxID or TxMAC} {RxID or RxMAC}
•config set device audiopathdisable {RxID or RxMAC}
•Modified the button/language of "PRESETS" to "LAYOUT" on the Video Wall page.
•Added the Coordinate origin on the "LAYOUT DESIGN" page.
•Added using the keyboard arrow keys to move the displays on the "LAYOUT DESIGN" page.
•Modified the coordinate system calculation method. Modified SDDP configuration file.
•Modified the fonts on the USB and KVM WEB page that support the lowercase letter.
•Modified the font on the Home page and added the "QUICK START GUIDE" button.
•Corrected a typo on the "FORCE IMAGE" page.
Fixed Issues:
•Resolved issues where in some cases, RX appeared in the TX attributes when polled using the API command of "config get devicelist"
•Resolved issues with preview picture being displayed on the AUTO-MATRIX page.
•Resolved the population of DNS title on the HOME page.
•Resolved Issue of being unable to save the GATEWAY value of the control port on the HOME page.

•Added API command for setting AC-MXNET-1G-AVDM-E downmixing preset (Balanced Stereo Output Only).

•Added the ability to send virtualized external device commands using RS232 over IP, IR over IP or CEC over IP/HDMI.
•These commands can now be sent to a single Encoder or Decoder, a specified group of Encoders or Decoders, or ALL Encoders or Decoders.

•Resolved Duplicate Multicast Channel Issue during Factory Restore V1.66 Resolved Issue when sending CEC commands to multiple end points (using API).
•Resolved Issue when sending OSD configuration command to multiple Decoders (using API). Resolved OSD Overlay Position Bug.
•Resolved MXNet Mentor UI Button Position when Windows is Scaling.
•Added automatic refresh to A/V NETWORK POE Port after changing IP Mode for System Addressing.
•Added the ability to replace the default BOOT and “No Signal” images with custom images. Limited Image Size.
•Added the ability to "Force Image". Forced Image will overlay existing signal. Limited Image Size.

•Added KVM Mouse Roaming to Mentor UI; Allowing for an HID Device to be shared on up to 17 Host Devices
•Improved MXNet A/V NETWORK POE PORT System Addressing for MXNet Encoders and Decoders
•Link Local (IP Assigned by AC-MXNET-CBOX)
•DHCP (IP Assigned by LAN DHCP Server)
•Static (IP Assigned by User) Updated API document to v1.08.

•Added support for 4K 50Hz ( U.K. Specific ) signals V1.56
•Resolved TCP Login Issue for Control Drivers V1.54
•Fixed blank thumbnail preview issue when CBOX LAN port is set to DHCP Added kvm roaming command
•Added kvm roaming page in MENTOR Added reset Decoder hotplug detect / reset function in MENTOR
•Added API command to set hotplug detect / reset for Decoders
•Added API command for: config set device hpdrst {device_id or device_mac} Fixed various small bugs
•Updated API document to v1.06. V1.51
•Added vwid command to API
•Added copy command in vwid.
•Added support to set bezel gap in vwid
•Added new VideoWall setup page in MENTOR
•Added  API command for KVM Roaming: ‘config set device kvmroaming RX1ID,X1,Y1:RX2ID,X2,Y2[:RX3ID,X3,Y3...] RX7ID’
•Fixed CONFIGURE page OSD button bug.
•Fixed DHCP bug on HOME page.
•Fixed Resetting TX and RX custom name bug Updated API document to v1.05.

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