AC-MXNET-1G-E Firmware

AC-MXNET-1G-E / AC-MXNET-1G-AVDM-E ~ (ENCODER) ~ V3.44 ~ 09/08/23

If you current encoder firmware is on version 3.33 -> 3.37, you must first follow this article here.
NOTE: AC-MXNET-1G-E firmware V3.44 requires CBOX V2.55 or CBOX-B V4.09, or higher in order for RS-232 communication to function properly. 

Release Notes:
  1. Fixed an issue where MCU commands could bleed out of the RS-232 port of the endpoint. 
  2. Further optimizations to RS-232 input/output. 
  3. Added a 2ch audio description for the 1920x1200 EDID.
      added internal developer commands to adjust HDMI audio format change mute timings. 

  1. Fixed an issue where changing between audio formats on a source, such as PCM 2ch to DD 5.1, would cause a brief "popping" noise.
  2. Fixed an issue where RS232 commands being sent/received in HEX format would show additional characters.
  3. Fixed an issue for Encoders on hardware board V1.00 were unable to be updated via the CBOX MENTOR interface (please contact technical support if you are having this issue).
  4. Added HDCP Request options. Available in the web GUI or API commands. 

  1. Fixed various bugs.
  2. Added support for bi-directional RS232
  3. Added Volume Control for Balanced Audio Output
  4. Restricted data output on RS232 port so that only feedbacks from a connected RS232 device are allowed.
  1. Fixed an issue where extracted audio ( MXNET AVDM Encoders ) would drop after receiving an unknown audio format.
  2. This firmware is compatible with both standard MXNET Encoders and MXNET AVDM Encoders.
  1. Modified the default AVDM MODE to 5
  2. Proactively send updated information to CBOX through MCU when video changes
  1. Fixed a bug on the diagnostic page
  2. Fixed the bug that 1080i was displayed to 3840*1080i
  1. Disable 1080P Lock to fit for Xfinity
  2. Added Color Space information
  1. Resolved issue on AC-MXNET-1G-AVDM-E units where audio would be lost when source devices were powered on from standby/off states.


  1. Added the API Command to change the current downmix preset for the AC-MXNET-1G-AVDM-E (Balanced Audio Output Only).
  2. What Are AVDM Downmix Presets
  1. Compatibility Update for DirecTV 1080i 60Hz signals
  2. Various Minor Bug Fixes
  1. Added support for 4K 50Hz  ( U.K. specific ) signals.


  1. Added security layer / authentication for Encoders and Decoders.

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