How To: Update an AC-MXNET-1G-E/AC-MXNET-1G-AVDM-E to firmware version V3.39.

How To: USB bridge FW update for AC-MXNET-1G-E/AC-MXNET-1G-AVDM-E Versions V3.33 through V3.37.

If a firmware update was already attempted via the CBOX, and the Encoder OLED is not turning on, or if you're experiencing issues during the update process, please call Technical Support for further assistance.

What you'll need: 
A Windows Based PC
A (charge and sync) Micro-USB cable

     1. Connect the Micro-USB cable from your Windows-PC to the AC-MXNET-1G-E/AVDM-E. Ensure the dip switch next to the USB port is set to “MCU ISP”.

2. Open up Device Manager and find the active COM Port for the physical connection from your computer to the device.

(Note: If you see “Unknown Device” instead of “USB-SERIAL CH340”, please install “CH34x_Install_Windows_v3_4.EXE” located in the provided .ZIP file, then hot plug the USB cable and try again.)
3. Extract the .ZIP file below into a folder somewhere on your computer. With the unit powered on, open up MyUART, select the COM port you found in Device Manager. Adjust the baudrate to 57600. Choose “Open Port” if the port isn’t open already (a red circle next to the button will indicate if a port is open). In the box at the bottom, enter in (no quotes) “ISP 68 5” and press the ENTER key, then hit “Send (Manually)”. You should see a response of “JUMP TO ISP MODE…” If you get a CMD ERR, send it again.



4.      Once the unit is in ISP mode, push “close port” on myUART, and open up the “GigaDevice MCU ISP Programmer” program found within the .ZIP file.

5.      Ensure “Port Name” is set to the COM port you found in device manager, and the baudrate is 57600.

6.      Click “Next”. Click “Next” again. Ensure the "Device" dropdown is selected as "GD32F303RET6" , then click "next". 

7.      Under the “Download to Device” section, there’s a field marked “DLL APP file name”. Click “OPEN” to the right, then at the bottom right of the file explorer window, choose “.bin” and select the file “AC-MXNET-1G-T-Merge-V3.39.bin”.

Ensure that your settings match the image below.

8.      Click “Next” once you load the file, and you’ll see a progress window appear. Wait for the progress bar until it says “Finish! 100%”.

9. Once the firmware update process is complete, click “Finish” at the bottom and close out of the GigaDevice program. Power cycle the Encoder.

10.  While the unit is powering up, remove the encoder from the CBOX's MENTOR web interface by navigating to "System Utilities" and choose "Remove E/D". Allow the CBOX to re-establish connection.

11.  Once the encoder has been re-discovered by the CBOX, navigate to “CONFIGURE (INPUTS/OUTPUTS)”, on this page to the far right is a column dubbed “LIGHTS CONTROL”. Try setting the encoder you just updated to “FLASH”. If the encoder’s OLED is now flashing, your encoder should now be updated to version V3.39, and able to receive firmware updates in the future over the air via the CBOX MENTOR interface.

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