AC-EX100-444-R3 Firmware Release

AC-EX100-444-R3 Firmware Release

Release Date: 06 DEC 2023

Note: If you experience and difficulties or issues during the firmware updating process, please contact AVPro Edge Tech Support to assist in updating firmware for your extender.

Supported products: 
  1. AC-EX100-444-R3
  2. AC-EX100-444-KIT (Rx/Receiver)

This extender has two model revisions, rev. A and B. Model B adds 5V Control to the USB ports, all other features function identically. Different firmware is required to run each model. The Uploader software will detect the model revision and automatically load the correct firmware file for your extender's model revision. If you have a rev. A product, the version number may not match the version listed below.

Current Version Information:
  • MAIN MCU: 2.14

Release Notes:

06 DEC 2023:
      MAIN MCU Rev. B v2.14 (Rev. A: 1.39):
  1. Added a feature to adjust the HDMI audio mute when audio format changes are detected. This feature allows us to resolve issues where AVRs cannot switch between formats without an audio "pop" sound.
  2. Added API call "SET I2S ADMT x" where x is the audio delay in ms between 100 - 500 ms. (SET I2S ADMT 400 => 400ms delay during audio format change)

10 APR 2023:
      MAIN MCU Rev. B v2.12 (Rev. A: 1.37):
  1. New hardware revision released
  2. New model revision B adds USB device 5V control
  3. Fixed an issue where some CEC commands wouldn't passthrough as expected
  4. Added HDMI 5V output mode setting (5V always on / follow source 5V input)
  5. Rev. B: added USB 5V output mode setting (USB 5V always on / follow host input) 
08 FEB 2023:
      MAIN MCU Rev. A v1.34:
  1. Fixed an issue where video drops out when USB host connection is made
13 JAN 2023:
      MAIN MCU Rev. A v1.33:
  1. Allow video to pass when eARC is enabled
17 NOV 2022:
      MAIN MCU Rev. A v1.32:
  1. Adjusted PoE power detection parameters

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