AVPro Edge Universal Extender Updater

AVPro Edge Universal Extender Updater

This Universal Firmware Updater for Extenders allows the user to quickly load the latest firmware to most AVPro Edge products without the need to search for model numbers or serial numbers/revision numbers. This updater will automatically detect the attached device, prepare the appropriate firmware and load it to the machines.

Supported Models: (Transmitters & Receivers)






NOTE:  The FW Release notes are listed on individual articles HERE


How to use the Universal Extender Updater 

Items needed: 

·        Windows PC (Mac OS with Parallels) 

·        USB Micro Data Cable (“Old Android style data cable”) OR 

·        USB Type-A to Type-C cable 

·        Download The [Firmware Uploader v1.36 Package] HERE

·        Physical access to the Tx/Rx HDBT units to be updated 


Step 1: 

·        Extracted the [Firmware Uploader v1.36 Package] zip, ensuring to keep the folder inside [Firmware Uploader V1.36] with all files inside 

·        Double-click the [Firmware Uploader V1.36] executable file to open the program


Step 2: 

·        Connect the HDBT Transmitter or Receiver unit to your PC with the USB cable 

·        Check device manager to see which COM port it is using 

·        If needed, install the CH340 drivers HERE

·        Select that same port in the Firmware Uploader V1.36 program and then click [OPEN]



Step 3: 

·        Click the “[Search Device]” button 

·        The program will automatically detect and load the firmware file the unit needs 

·        If no firmware file is found and it appears “like nothing happens” then that HDBT unit has no firmware available (Example #1)

                     ·      If firmware files are found and the Main status turns blue and says pass that HDBT unit is already up to date. (Example #2) 
                               ·      The get version button can be used to check the current version to the version shown in the file bar 

·        Click the “[Upgrade]” button to start the upgrade process (Example #3)

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

Step 4: 

·        Once your program looks similar to above, with the bar at 100%, the process is complete for that unit and you may click “[Close]” and safely disconnect the HDBT unit from the USB 

·        If you have more units to update, repeat from Step 2

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