What Are AVDM Downmix Presets?

What Are AVDM Downmix Presets?

What does the AVDM Do?

AVPro Edge's AVDM Downmixing Module is capable of taking Multichannel Audio, such as Dolby or DTS and their object based codecs, and producing a 2 Channel PCM Audio Stream on the Extracted Audio Outputs of an AVDM device. Allowing integrators to utilize Multichannel Audio in some zones while distributing the same audio to a 2 Channel Audio Playback device via Balanced Stereo or SPDIF connection (HDMI Bitstream Audio can be downmixed using the stand alone AC-AVDM-AUHD; Below). 

PCM VS Bitstream Audio Downmixing

When using the AVDM Downmixing Module you may experience changes in the "loudness" of the Audio Stream, even with a system on the same volume level. This happens because the Audio Stream is changing between PCM and Bitstream Audio (such as Dolby or DTS). While this may seem odd, this is to be expected. PCM streams are not compressed and are often louder than encoded Bitstreams; this can be seen by simply using an Apple TV and an AVR. Using the Apple TV's ability to force audio output, switch between forced Stereo or Dolby Digital. More often than not, you will have to increase the volume when using Bitstream Audio.

AVDM Preset Modes

  1. STD FX
    1. Dolby Downmixing Standard
  2. Low Center+
    1. Center Mix increased to 60%
  3. Mid Center+
    1. Center Mix increased to 80%
  4. High Center+
    1. Center Mix increased to 100%
  5. Mid FX (Recommended)
    1. Custom AVPro Mix including Full Range of sound with pronounced Center and small amount of LFE.
  6. Full FX (Large 3-Way Systems)
    1. Custom AVPro Mix including Full Range of sound with extra Surround Mix and more LFE.
  7. Voice FX (Voice Intelligibility)
    1. Custom AVPro Mix including Left, Center, and Right Channels 100% mixed. Surround Mix is reduced for minor effects. 

Why change your Downmixing Preset?

There are many reasons to change your downmix preset. Mainly, the mix of the Center channel when following the downmixing standard is only at a meager 30%, causing Multichannel Audio streams to often appear quiet, and with overbearing surround effects. AVPro has sought to reduce these issues by presenting the integrator with 7 Downmix Preset options. Allowing the integrator to tailor the downmixing of a source devices audio; similar to how most AVR's and Pre-Processors can adjust the level of an individual channel in their surround mix.