AC-AXION-X: Bidirectional RS-232 over HDBT

AC-AXION-X: Bidirectional RS-232 over HDBT

The AXION platform of matrix switchers are packed with many wonderful features and connection ports, however, one minor drawback of this means there is limited physical space to allocate a dedicated RS-232 port for each individual input and output. This article demonstrates the functionality of the HDBT RS232 port on the AC-AXION-X for the purpose of sending bidirectional RS-232 signals that can be routed by a control or automation system.

Note: Commands sent from the control system to the RS-232 controlled device can be done over TCP, but no feedback communication will return. In order to receive incoming feedback, you must use the RS-232 port described in Step 1 below.

1. The control or automation system must be connected to the HDBT RS232 control port located on the rear panel of the AC-AXION-X.

2. The HDBT receiver must be connected to an RS-232 controlled device. This is a 3-pin screw terminal connector and is featured on all AVPro's 444 series HDBaseT extenders.
(shown below is the AC-EX40-444-R)

3. The HDBT RS232 port on the AC-AXION-X must be routed to the output of the HDBT receiver from Step 2 via the control or automation system. This can be done by sending the following API commands over TCP control to the AC-AXION-X, or via RS-232 by using the MATRIX RS232 port located directly to the left of the HDBT RS232 port on the rear panel of the AC-AXION-X:
      SET RS CHy MUX zz
      y=[1](Local RS232 Bypass To HDBT Out),y=[11](Local RS232 Bypass To HDBT In)

4. Once routed, the Rx port of the AC-AXION-X will repeat out of the Tx side of the HDBT receiver. The Rx port of the HDBT receiver will also repeat out of the AC-AXION-X Tx port. Baud rates and other RS-232 parameters for signaling do not need to be configured for either port.

5. If you need to control multiple devices, repeat Step 3 and route to the correct HDBT RS232 port, followed by sending the data from the control or automation system. You can wait for feedback from the device or switch to another device and continue to send control data.

Note: If you do not have a specific HDBT receiver routed, incoming data to that receiver will not be passed along to the AC-AXION-X RS232 port. This means that incoming data can only be from the currently routed HDBT RS232 port and is not active on all RS232 connections at the same time.
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